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Complex Diseases, Networks, Systems

Traditional one-to-one relationships are rarely the basis of complex diseases. Our holistic analysis across different data dimensions, provides you with powerful solutions to your model-system. Scientific consultancy is our speciality!

Personalized Medicine

The age of personalized medicine, therapy, nutrition etc. has just started. We assist you on the complex Bio-informatics and statistical challenge (e.g. NGS, RNASeq.) of this new paradigm.

Big Data

"Omics" technology requires proper computer and human resources to handle the generated data. We can perform the storage, handling and analysis for you.

In the epoch of Big Data there is only one smart solution: Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) !



The handling of large amounts of data is challenging. It requires highly IT specialized people just to prepare the data in such a way that a Scientist can start its job.  At the same time, this represents a challenge for IT resources. After proper QC, now you could start to mine in your data…

  1. Probably you already know how to implement an analysis pipeline and want to do it. Let us help you with this process, you will be surprised by all that can be done!

If you already have an empirical analysis pipeline, how much can it still be optimized? How much information are you losing? Is there a “smart” way to process the data, one by one, as an expert with infinite time would do it?
We have expertise in A.I. Let us implement for you your expertise!

  1. However, if you are not in production but in basic research, we can look with exploratory techniques for trends on your data. You may be also interested in obtaining an explanatory computational model of your data that helps you in “what if” scenarios to test additionally hypothesis saving costly experimental resources and time. We are experts in Modeling and Simulation. Again, our A.I. based unique solutions can provide you with both, a reversed engineered model of your data as well as predicted scenarios for your original system data.
Many additional algorithms are implemented for fine tunning Our solutions: Dynamic neural network optimized by a genetic algorithm

As you notice, we are convinced that future solutions for big data need to be based on A.I.

We have nearly 20 years on experiences of A.I. based approaches for biological data!

  • Expert systems
  • Genetic algorithms
  • Agent-based modelling
  • Neural networks
  • Bayesian networks

Dynamic Neural Networks (analogous to Dynamic Bayesian networks)

Support Vector Machines


We have developed or are willing to create additional ad hoc algorithms for your specific needs as:

Multi-objective optimization

Adaptive pruning

GA control optimization

Graph edit distance

Etc. etc. etc.

Some of our solutions have been involved in patenting process.

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