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Scientific consultancy in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology for Academia (non-commercial purposes)


Nowadays the generation of Big Data in biomedical research is common. However, the new bottleneck is its analysis. Several world-class centres have developed their in-house core facilities. However:

  • In many cases they are saturated
  • Not each experimental group has access to them or desires to establish another risky collaboration
  • Some groups may have not the expertise/interest in developing their own specialists because this process is slow and requires specialized supervision before being productive
  • Even bioinformatics or systems biology groups are specialized in one sub-area and Do not have the time to develop certain solutions
  • In any case, another expert-to-expert opinion that does not compromise the ownership of your research is often more convenient

Therefore, if cost-benefit of your case indicates the convenience of outsourcing your data analysis, we will be happy to be your scientific partner. Our solutions portfolio includes:

  • Data dimensionality reduction
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Reverse engineering
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Multi-objective optimization
  • Artificial intelligence approaches (NN, genetic algorithms, Expert Systems, Agent-Based Modeling)
  • Networks and pathways

We account with 20 years of experience in centers like the German Cancer Research Center, in Germany, Center for Medical Genetics, in Belgium and Bioinformatics companies in Switzerland and England covering diverse fields of biomedical research as:

  • Cancer-related, clinical and multiple “omics” data
  • Proteomics (focus on Signal transduction)
  • Omics data integration
  • Genome-Wide SNP´s Pathways Analysis
  • NGS, RNASeq
  • Small molecules “screening” data analysis


If you require another expert-to-expert opinion, optimization of your analysis pipeline, outsourcing a part or your entire analysis, or “power analysis” for your experimental design, Feel free to contact us and a.s.a.p. we can establish an initial consultancy for you!


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