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Unser Team besteht ausschließlich aus qualifiziertem Personal, das zuverlässig und kompetent für Sie im Einsatz ist.

Dr. David Camacho,

Founder and CEO


"I am an Intra and Entrepreneur Systems Biologist with broad and large (+20 years’) experience in applying artificial intelligence and Data science to Biomedical problems.

My bachelor’s formation is as Chemist, Biologist and Pharmacist, while my Master and PhD’s are in applying Artificial intelligence for biomedicine. All the four thesis projects were designed by me and successfully achieved at Top 100 Worldwide Universities as UNAM in México and Heidelberg University in Germany. 


As a scientist, I have worked in Nation level centers as the German Cancer Research Center (8, years at DKFZ), Center for medical genetics (Belgium) and the Chemistry Institute (Mexico). In the industry, I have worked in Biotech companies as Genedata (Switzerland), IDBS (U.K.) and Molecular Health (Germany); as well as large consortiums as the pharmaceutical company Bayer (Germany), and the SAS Institute (Germany). Finally, as an Entrepreneur, I founded and lead with my Startup GeneHolistics (Germany) where I have had BASF and Novartis as direct customers and indirectly Goldman Sachs as example customers.

My main achievements until now, are winning 4 fellowships (Mex and Ger), 1 first-ever conceded scientific price (DKFZ) for bringing what nowadays is part of DeepLearning 20 years ago to Germany, several publications in peer-reviewed journals and presentations in international conferences, as well as different scientific-innovative projects with concrete founding winnings and offers as intra and entrepreneur. The previous include three patents’ applications."

Dr. Svetlana Bulashevska, Scientific Consultant

"As bioinformatician, biostatistician and data scientist with scientific and industrial experience, I am always interested in building predictive models from biomedical big data towards personalized medicine for complex diseases. Bayesian statistics and artificial intelligence are excellent instruments in this way.



Dr. Leandro Hernandez de la Peña, Scientific Consultant 


Hands-on Data Scientist with years of experience using open source and commercial Analytical Software. Expert at matching technical and business requirements to analytical software applications.  Accomplished leader of business concepts development and innovation within the Enterprise Software industry. Years of experience working at both big organizations and startups. Instrumental in devising selling strategies targeting C-Level executives.



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